Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I can has?? PLEAZ???

My Little Guy is about 22 months old and has the memory of an elephant (e.g. he never forgets). After Big Guy came home from work one day, we decided to go out for dinner. So I ran upstairs to put on something other than my t-shirt and jeans and while I was changing I could hear my Hubs laughing and *laughing*. So then The Guys come upstairs and Hubs tells me that after I went upstairs, my son looked up the stairs and said, “Anna, coming! Anna, coming!” in a commanding tone and then he gestured for Hubs to look up the stairs with him and said “Coming! Coming!” Hahaha, Hubs always calls up to me when we’re about to go somewhere (he thinks I take too long to get ready. Psh.) and my automatic reply is, “I’m coming!”. Apparently now my son is in the campaign to make sure I can keep my primping down to five minutes or less when food is on the line.

Anyone else apparently take too long to get ready? :)


Bossy Betty said...

Just what you needed huh--two people to urge you along in that special way.

I am one of those people who are always get ready far too in advance.

lisaroy said...

In my house, it's my husband who takes forever - how I don't know, it's not like he has to do much to his hair and no makeup but I'm always the one waiting with my coat on by the door!